People – Key to Longevity

Oftedal’s lasting success stems from the ongoing dedication of our professional project managers, superintendents, foreman and skilled heavy equipment operators and their willingness to take on new challenges. Steadily growing over the last forty years, this talented group of experts is supported by a long-standing management and administrative staff dedicated to assisting with the needs of the field.

Most upper management, supervisory and lead operator positions at Oftedal are occupied by long term employees. These present company leaders began their career with the company as laborers, field engineers, foremen or operators and paid their dues in the field. Through time and effort they developed their construction skills and talents and ascended to their current leadership position in the company. Tomorrows leaders of Oftedal have the same opportunity. Individuals who demonstrate a sincere commitment to learn our business by gaining practical field experience and increasing their construction education through formal and/or informal means can secure their place as future leaders for Oftedal.

With an emphasis on promoting from within, Oftedal offers career opportunities, training and development to all employees sincere about building a career in the heavy-civil industry. We encourage employees with a proven performance history with the company and persons with earthmoving experience and leadership potential who enjoy working outdoors and have the tenacity to solve problems and make decisions in a fast-paced environment to discuss advancement opportunities with us.


An Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE), Oftedal Construction, Inc. employs a diverse workforce of men and women. Every Oftedal employee is presented with an equal opportunity to experience personal and professional growth and ascend to key leadership positions.


Oftedal continually recruits career minded students from regional colleges, universities, vocational schools and high schools. Our target, students enrolled in heavy civil industry (Construction Management and Civil Engineering ) and heavy-equipment maintenance (diesel mechanics) disciplines with a desire to work outdoors with heavy equipment.

Oftedal offers financial assistance to students selected to serve as company interns then join the company fulltime after graduation. Responsibility is given early to those who demonstrate commitment, strong work ethics and leadership potential.