Jeff McDonald President
Greg Jackson Vice President

Project Managers/Estimators

Brad Olson Senior Project Manager
Cam Lundby Senior Project Manager
Chris Audiss Chief Estimator / Project Manager
Clinton Cheeney Senior Project Manager
Jeremiah Assman Project Manager
Josh Witkop Project Manager / GPS Manager

Miles City Office/Shop

Dennis Kirchheck Shop Manager
Jacie Smith Office Manager / Secretary
Josie Tharp AP Clerk
Kelly Backlund Accountant / Contract Admin
Kristy Ogolin PR / HR Specialist
Laura Bennett Equipment Cost Analyst
Leanne Stewart Payroll Manager
Lynn Ruf Job Cost / Equipment Cost Analyst
Michelle Burk AP Clerk
Prairie Hight HR Assistant
Shawn Coffin HR Director
Stacy Naylor Administrative Assistant / AP

Casper Office/Shop

Aaron Elrod Shop Manager
Brady Cheeney Engineer
Brayden Jackson Safety Officer
Cody Elrod Equipment Maintenance Tracker
Colby Coughenour Engineer
David Hornbeck Environmental Director
Dennis Driscoll IT Manager
George Hruska Business Development Director
James Smith Purchasing Assistant
Luke Wallace Safety Director
Matt Gagnon GPS Manager
Matt Otterby Equipment Manager
Ricardo Salazar, Jr. Engineering Assitstant
Theresa Wagoner Administrative Assistant
Van Hampton Purchasing Manager

Field Employees

Ann Wells Field Clerk
Brad Mayfield Superintendent
Bret Hough Superintendent
Chip Benson Grade Foreman
Cort Hedquist Superintendent
Dale Canepa Superintendent
Darwin Stark Grade Foreman
David Geddis Superintendent
David Miller Grade Foreman
Henry Cook Pipe Foreman
J.B. Benson Superintendent
Jade Hathaway Grade Foreman
Jay Ryan Grade Foreman
Jim Wilcox Superintendent
John Schneemann Superintendent
Josh McConnell Pipe Foreman
Larry Hunter Grade Foreman
Mike Schriner Superintendent
Mike Todoroff Foreman
Nike Bierschenk Grade Foreman
Pat Jenner Superintendent
Robert Davis Superintendent
Robert Short Grade Foreman
Ryan Jensen Grade Foreman
Tyler Blair  Superintendent
Willy Ducheneaux Superintendent

In Memory of Teresa Cox 1956-2013
In Memory of Roger Cable 1957-2014