Oftedal works in some of the most pristine environments found in the United Sates. We are keenly aware that our daily construction activities have potential to adversely impact the environment if not done correctly. By utilizing best available technology, complying with evolving local, state and federal environmental laws, and providing annual environmental training to field personnel, Oftedal accepts the universal responsibility to do all it can to ensure present and future generations will continue to have clean air, clean water and enjoy all that our natural world has to offer.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability and stewardship is reflected not only in our compliance and internal training but by the people we employ. Oftedal employees enjoy spending time outdoors with family and friends fishing, hunting, boating, hiking, camping, snowmobiling and skiing to name just a few preferred activities. A significant part of their outdoor experience is viewing the natural splendor of lakes, rivers, streams, mountains, hills and prairies where they recreate. Our employees passion for outdoor activities explains their natural propensity to engage in work practices that protect the earths’ natural resources.

Oftedal is determined to protect resources vital to society’s recreational, economic and social quality of life by continuing to make our industry and employees aware of the importance of exercising conservation strategies that promote responsible construction practices. Improving civil infrastructures and extraction of natural resources without destroying the ecological balance of an area can occur as the thought to “protect the resource” remains at the forefront of our daily operations.