Oftedal Construction, Inc. takes seriously our obligation to provide a safe work environment for all employees, subcontractors, vendors and visitors. Oftedal is sincerely interested in the safety of each and every employee and individual working at a company worksite. Safety rules, and policies exist at Oftedal to insure that all parties accessing an Oftedal worksite are not required to work under or be exposed to any conditions deemed unsafe, unsanitary or hazardous.

Oftedal believes work place safety and daily production must be an integrated process. To achieve this essential balance the following internal business principle reverberates throughout the company: “No activity is to be deemed so important or urgent to justify the existence of unsafe conditions, acts, or practices”. Adherence to this fundamental Oftedal business premise helps ensure our employees return home as healthy as when they began the work day.

Oftedal’s professional staff of project managers, superintendents and foreman are the focal point for all matters related to work site safety and health. They ensure to the best of their ability and training that work performed on an Oftedal work site is performed in the safest manner possible. Otherwise, the work is not performed. Oftedal provides this core body of professional managers and other employees with annual training in a variety of safety disciplines including MSHA, OSHA, First Aid/CPR and Drug & Alcohol training.

Oftedal’s award winning commitment to safety is reflected in the numbers. In late Spring 2012 Oftedal achieved 1,353,828 man hours and 1,207 days without a lost time work accident. In addition, Oftedal has been recognized by industry associations with multiple safety awards. Most importantly, the safe work environment at Oftedal is best reflected by our employees’ understanding that their daily decisions concerning how they perform their job affects not only themselves but also the lives and welfare of their families, their co- workers and their co-workers families.