An Overview of GPS

GPS is a satellite-based navigation and positioning system that uses a network of satellites orbiting the earth to accurately determine any position on the earth’s surface. A hand-held receiver in conjunction with a base station can precisely locate any point within 1/10 of a foot.

Example of a GPS system at work.

GPS and Construction

By utilizing this state of the art technology, Oftedal personnel can locate any point on a given jobsite. Rather than the painstaking and time consuming wooden staking that was previously common practice, Oftedal crews can instantly determine any point on the entire jobsite, greatly improving accuracy and efficiency.

3-D modeling software creates images based on GPS data

Oftedal and GPS

Oftedal has made a significant investment in GPS technology over the years. All Oftedal crews have GPS capability, and many of our machines are equipped with GPS systems providing equipment operators with real-time grade and location information for precision applications. Our engineering team can utilize data furnished by either clients or our own crews to develop 3-D images of proposed projects. GPS technology has greatly improved our efficiency and accuracy, offering a better product to our clients.