Find out how we utilize GPS technology at our job locations to provide a high degree of accuracy and consistency with our cuts and fills.

Pipe & Culvert Installation

Oftedal crews are skilled and experienced at installing a variety of storm pipe and culverts. Lead by competent foreman keenly aware of safe trenching techniques that comply with OSHA and MSHA standards, Oftedal pipe crews install miles of storm pipe and culvert each year.

Materials Hauling

Oftedal's diverse fleet of highway legal trucks transport a broad spectrum of construction materials in a variety of applications and conditions each year.

Grading & Excavation

Oftedal's experienced project management teams combine decades of construction experience, high-tech grading technology, and a contemporary fleet of production scrapers, dozers, motor graders, excavators and off road haul trucks to safely and economically complete any earthmoving project regardless of size and location.

Aggregate Production

From quarries to pits, Oftedal can produce a variety of aggregate material to meet our client's specifications utilizing low cost techniques combined with an experienced crushing crew.